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Ajax Push Engine, Pyramid and a quick demo application

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Earlier today I was debating Ajax Push and Pyramid for a project I had in mind. I ended up spending about 45 minutes writing a quick proof of concept, then, decided that perhaps something a bit more detailed with some documentation would be helpful for others.

I used Pyramid and APE and wrote a quick demo app. All of the code for the demo app can be downloaded from

In the html/ directory, the files, graphics and javascript files required to run the client side of the app are included. In the ape_server/ directory, the javascript that needs to be installed in the Ape Server scripts/ directory is present. You’ll want to modify the password. Also included in the html/ directory is a python script called which allows you to use urllib2.urlopen to communicate with the server directly. And finally, in the ape/ directory is a very minimal Pyramid application. pyramidape.wsgi is also included as a starting point to get the site set up.

In the demo, the left hand Coke can is controlled completely by the Ape Javascript Client code. Communications between the browser and Ape server are not processed by anything but Ape. On the right hand side, the Coke can is controlled by a json post to Pyramid and then Pyramid uses urllib2.urlopen to communicate with Ape which then updates the page.

Changes made on the page are reflected among all of the other people that are currently viewing the page in realtime. Since we’re using Ajax push, the page doesn’t need to be reloaded to show those changes. In this example, an img src and the alt text is changed along with a button. You can write your script to modify any html on the page – changing the colors of the page, elements, etc.

Using Ajax push and long polling with Pyramid isn’t difficult and this simple demo and example code should be a good starting point.

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