Who am I?

  • I manage a small web hosting company
  • I’ve been involved in the Internet since late 1993
  • Computers have been a major portion of my life since the early 80s

Language Timeline:

BasicA, Z80 Assembler, UCSD Pascal, Basic, Turbo C, Ada, Pascal, C, Vax Assembler, Cobol, Lisp, C++, Databus, dBase/Clipper, CB86, Perl, TCL, PHP, LUA/Pike, Java, Python, Javascript

I’m language agnostic preferring to use the right language for the job at hand.  While I prefer Python, I code much more efficiently in Perl since I’ve used Perl since late ’93.  I’ve got no fear of mucking about in the Apache, MySQL or kernel sources, though, in the latter I’m more of an observer.

I have a love for raw code performance.  In college, I used to run millions of iterations of assembler code to see whether the barrel registers in the Vax 8600 and 11/785s were fast enough.  Prior to obtaining an older revision of the Orange Books, my testing had given me insights into the cpu design.  With the advent of the web, most of that willingness to tweak has led me to think seriously about scalability and content management systems.

Searching for that right framework that couples usability, do-it-once functionality and performance has teased me to the point where I keep thinking about writing a CMS.

One day perhaps…

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