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Google Groups Captcha 404

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

The other day I was reading a thread on google.groups and wanted to add the user to my Google+ circles as we work on a number of projects that are somewhat related. A search of his name came up with too many results to be helpful, so, I figured I would try searching by his email address.

I mistyped the first captcha:

Properly typed the second captcha:

and received a 404 page:

It is completely repeatable and I’ve tested it numerous times. You can of course go back to the original page, click the … and get a new captcha, but, make sure you solve it on the first try! Note that the topic is also set to “” on the 2nd captcha.

Now if only there was a place to report bugs on google.groups. A fifteen minute search of the sparse FAQ didn’t turn up anything.

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