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Combined Web Site Logging splitter for AWStats

Friday, May 29th, 2009

AWStats has an interesting problem when working with combined logging. When you have 500 domains and combined logfiles at roughly 2 gigabytes a day, awstats spends a lot of time shuffling through all of the log files to return the results. The simple solution appeared to be a small python script that read the awstats config directory and split the logfile into pieces so that awstats could run on individual logfiles. It requires one loop through the combined logfile to create all of the logfiles, rather than looping through the 2 gigabyte logfile for each domain when awstats was set up with combined logging.


import os,re
from string import split

dirs = os.listdir('/etc/awstats')

domainlist = {}

for dir in dirs:
  if ('\.conf$',dir)):
    dom = re.sub('^awstats\.', '', dir)
    dom = re.sub('\.conf$', '', dom)
    domainlist[dom] = 1
loglist = open('/var/log/apache2/combined-access.log.1','r')
for line in loglist:
  (domain,logline) = line.split(None, 1)
  if (domain in domainlist):
    if (domainlist[domain] == 1):
      domainlist[domain] = open('/var/log/apache2/' + domain + '-access.log.1', 'w')

While the code isn’t particularly earthshattering, it cut down log processing to roughly 20 minutes per day rather than the previous 16-30 hours per day.

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