Nginx impresses yet again

First three machines went pretty well without a hitch.  Another client machine was having some issues with apache performance.  They were still running prefork, not our typical mpm-worker/fastcgid php setup when machines need that extra push.

The client’s application was able to be modified quickly to replace the url of images, so, we ran nginx in more of a Content Delivery Network capacity where it overlaid their static images directories allowing them to make a tiny change to their code and the images would be served from Nginx while their code ran untouched on Apache.

I am amazed Apache held up as well as it did.  Within minutes of the conversion, apache dropped from 740 active processes to roughly 300.  During its normal peak times, Apache is still handing about 400 processes, but, the machine has roughly 2gb cached up from about 600mb when running pure Apache.  That alone has got to be helping things considerably.

Two minor issues in the logs that were fixed by fixing ulimit -n and

events {
worker_connections  8192;

With those two changes, the machine has performed flawlessly.  Even with our settings at 1024, only in times of extreme traffic, did we get a handful of warnings.

The load has dropped, the machine has much more idle cpu time and did seem to hit a new traffic record today.


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