proves I am not human

I must not be human as I failed a request.  I like using technology for good purposes and I understand how recaptcha works.  The folks at actually turned it into a service that provides a great deal for the public in that your recaptcha response is used to correct the Optical Character Recognition problems that they had while scanning books to put them online.

So, any human readers out there that can solve this one?


nerlu emitted?

nehig emitted?

nerlD emitted?

Admit it, you’re not human either and Carnegie Melon has stolen the last bit of humanity you thought you had.


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  1. Ben Maurer Says:

    I’m the chief engineer on reCAPTCHA. In our efforts to correct OCR, sometimes we encounter words that are simply unreadable. Since there’s no way for a computer to tell if a human will or will not be able to read a word with complete accuracy, sometimes words like the one on the left are sent out.

    Our system quickly recognizes these words based on differing human answers or the use of the “get another CAPTCHA” button. The unreadable word is never graded (since we don’t know the answer anyway).

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