Flash Media Encoder and Red5

Using the HTML from the flowplayer and red5 post, you need to change the url in the javascript to:

url: 'red5StreamDemo', live: true

You will need to use Flash Media Encoder version 2.5 which can be downloaded at adobe.com. Flash Media Encoder version 3.0 will not work with red5 and based on developer comments, will probably not be supported

It is against the license for Flash Media Encoder to use it with anything other than Flash Media Server.

Here is a screenshot of the config required to get Flash Media Encoder 2.5 to work with red5. Replace yourhostname with the name of your red5 server.

Flash Media Encoder version 2.5 connecting to red5

After you’ve configured the FMS Url and the Stream, click the Connect button, and then the Start button at the bottom to start encoding.

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