Variable Naming Conventions

While working on a new project I have to come up with a database schema and variable names for use throughout the project. While some names appear humanized, there is some logic to choosing names that are more descriptive.

Consider the difference between start_date and end_date as variables. While you read the code, when you later look at the database schema, you may not make the association that they are related. date_start and date_end are probably better names.

Likewise when you’re dealing with storing the files submitted by users, thumbnail, high_res, low_res probably isn’t as descriptive as file_thumbnail, file_highres, file_lowres.

Later, when you decide to add dimensions, you can then have file_thumbnail, file_thumbnail_width and file_thumbnail_height and your database schema will be more readable.

Also, you can do the same with table names. trouble_ticket, trouble_ticket_detail and trouble_ticket_attachment will make it easier to associate than trouble_ticket, attachment_ticket, ticket_detail.

A little planning can make things much easier down the road.

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