TurboGears, Tableform and a callable option to a Widget

While doing some TurboGears development I ran into an issue where I needed to generate a select field’s options from the database that was dependent on authentication. Since defining the query in the model results in a cached result when the class is instantiated, the query couldn’t be defined there. There are multiple mentions of using a callable to deal with this situation, but, no code example.

From this posting in Google Groups for TurboGears, we were able to figure out the code that made this work.


<div xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"




    def form(self):
        c.form = TestForm()
        c.availips = [[3,3],[2,2]]
        return dict(template='form',title='Test Form',value=None)


from pylons import c

def get_ips():
    return c.availips

class TestForm(TableForm):
    action = '/test/testadd'
    submit_text = 'Add test'

    class fields(WidgetsList):
        User = TextField(label_text='FTP Username', size=40, validator=NotEmpty())
        Password = PasswordField(label_text='FTP Password', size=40, validator=NotEmpty())
        ip = SingleSelectField(label_text="Assign to IP",options=get_ips)

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