Python coding standards for imports

Recently I’ve been refactoring a lot of code and I’m seeing a few trends that I find easier to read.

With imports, I prefer putting each import on its own line. It takes up more screenspace, but, when looking at a commit diff, I can see what was added or removed much more easily than a string changed in the middle (though, more of the diff tools are showing inline differences).

However, what I started to do recently was do imports like:

from module import blah, \
                   blah2, \

I keep them in alphabetical order, but, I find that reading through that removes the ‘wall of text’ effect.

Original imports:

from module import blah
from module import blah2
from module import blah3

I find that the new method I’m using allows me to more easily see that two imports came from the same module.

Another possibility as mentioned by Chris McDonough is:

from module import (blah,

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