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In the last few days, I’ve had a few projects come up that could have been interesting to develop on the IPhone. When the IPhone first came out, I signed up as a developer but never downloaded the SDK. Today, I took the time to download the SDK to test the emulator for the recent template design for this blog to see how it displayed on the IPhone.

The framework appears to support Python, Perl, Cocoa and Ruby as well as native C.

Here are two screenshots of this blog on the IPhone emulator.

The quick way to start up the emulator after you’ve gotten the SDK from Apple’s Developer Connection is the following:

Open up Xcode, File, New Project, Select Application underneath the IPhone Application, click Utility Application, Choose, enter a project name. After a few seconds a project window will show up with the default of Simulator – 2.2.1 | Debug. Click Build and Go and it will compile the test project and open the IPhone emulator. Click the power button at the bottom, to bring up the main menu which will show Photos, Settings, and your test application with Contacts and Safari icons at the bottom. If you open Safari, you can key in a url or use one of the existing bookmarks.

Command-left arrow or Command-right arrow will rotate the screen from Portrait to Landscape and back. You can also use the Hardware Menu and Rotate Left/Rotate Right.

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  1. cd34 Says:

    As of June 19th, version 3.0 of the IPhone SDK is available for download which allows you to run a 3.0 simulator.

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