iPhone app for SnapReplay – Release Candidate being tested

After sixteen days of whirlwind development, digging through APIs, bad code examples, bugs in documentation (31 of 33 reported documentation bugs have been fixed), this afternoon I released 0.9.11 of the SnapReplay iPhone app to the beta testers through TestFlightApp.com.

On Friday, we had a pending list of bugs and features which were whittled down this weekend to a set of bugs that were blockers, a set of features that would make version 1.1, and a final set of features that would be used for 1.0. Sitting and looking at a set of features and having to decide which make the cut is not an easy task. Compromises were made based on how useful that feature would be in everyday use and whether it should hold up submission to the App Store.

Over the weekend, Paul and I went through twelve versions of the app, fixing bugs, tweaking features leaving one final feature we felt couldn’t be ignored left. Hours of pouring through documentation, bug reports, code sprinkled throughout the net, resulted in me finally deciding that the feature could wait until morning. I pushed out a last test build which included everything but the last feature for testing and went to sleep for a few hours.

When I woke up, I realized that my approach to the problem was not unique, it had to have been solved previously and then I realized that the examples were deleting from the wrong class and that Apple had a convenience class method to handle this very situation. A few minutes later, that was working.

A few tweaks and 0.9.11 was pushed to TestFlightApp for beta testing.


Hopefully this evening I’ll push 1.0.0 and submit it to the App Store.

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