A weekend with Tornado

After working on a Pylons project for a week or so, there was a minor part of it that I felt didn’t need the complexity of a framework. Some quick benchmarking of the most minimal Pylons/SQLAlchemy project I could muster came in around 200 requests per second which put me at roughly 12 million requests per day based on the typical curve.

Within 15 minutes of installing Tornado and using their simple hello world example, I imported SQLAlchemy and ended up boosting this to 280 requests per second. As I really didn’t need any of the features from the ORM, I decided to use tornado.database which isn’t much more than a bare wrapper to python-mysql. Even with a single worker process, I was able to get 870 requests per second. 56 million requests per day, without any tuning?

I’m reasonably impressed. Once I put it on production hardware, I’m thinking I’ll easily be able to count on double those numbers if not more.

Next weekend, Traffic Server.

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